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aarhus filmfestival is screening international shorts and documentaries. Experimental, fun and eye-opening films that challenge the media and broaden the world. In 2014 the festival will be held 11-16 November. Stay tuned!

horrors of war.

Filmed by 1001 Syrians in occupied Homs, the documentary Silvered Water recounts the horrors of the civil war. Prominent film director Ossama Mohammed has from his exile in Paris created the film together with a school teacher, who contacted him over the internet. The producers, also exiled, are the team behind last year's Sundance-winner Return to Homs. Sunday 18.30 + debate with the film-makers. >>>reserve tickets 

hopper live-motion.

13 of Edward Hopper’s paintings are brought alive by the film Shirley - Visions of Reality, telling the story of a woman whose thoughts, emotions and contemplations let us observe an era in American history before flower-power. Shirley is an attractive, charismatic, committed and emancipated woman who does not accept political repression, economical depression, WWII, race conflicts, McCarthyism, betrayal, traditional gender roles...Sunday 19.00 >>>reserve tickets 
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