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Film art is not only to be experienced in the cinema. Extended collaborations with the citys cultural institutions, means that media art as well as literary art and portraits will play a significant role in this years festival. Read more
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aarhus filmfestival is screening international shorts and documentaries. Experimental, fun and eye-opening films that challenge the media and broaden the world. In 2014 the festival will be held 11-16 November. Stay tuned!

bill morrison.

He is America's most important contemporary avantgarde film artist. His sensious, visually luring films with virtuous music by great contemporary composers speak to our common history, memory and mythology. See 13 films by Bill Morrison and meet the artist. Read more 


Thank you for all the applications for volunteering at Aarhus Filmfestival 2014.
We now have all the volunteers that we need for this year's festival, but you are more than welcome to contact us again next year, if you are interested in being a volunteer and gaining experience working at a film festival.

Read more about volunteering here.

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